Solomon & Brown, P.A.
Representing Clients In Pikesville And Throughout Maryland

A Client-Centered Approach To Practicing Law

We communicate with clients at every stage of the process, so they can make informed decisions about their future and the futures of their children. We protect the best interests of our clients through even the most complex family law matter.


Guiding clients through divorce, child custody, access/visitation, child support, alimony, property division and other matters involved in a divorce proceeding.

Child Custody

Helping clients reach a resolution beneficial to them and the children, or if not possible then providing representation in court.

Property Division

Reaching a proper division of assets applicable to each individual case throughout the divorce process.

Divorce And Family Law In Pikesville, Maryland

Providing Care And Attention To Our Clients

At Solomon & Brown, P.A., we understand that our clients are struggling through some of the most challenging decisions of their lives.

Disputes centering on child support, child custody, child access/visitation, spousal support and property division can quickly overwhelm an individual’s entire life. No matter the scope or complexity of your situation, our lawyers are prepared to provide clear guidance and thoughtful representation to get you through this matter to your new future.

Who We Are

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With more than four decades of legal experience, At Solomon & Brown, P.A., is a firm prepared to represent clients in Pikesville and in Baltimore, Howard, Carroll and Hartford  Counties and throughout Maryland.

At  Solomon & Brown, P.A., our clients are our number one priority. We appreciate that each case is unique in fact and circumstance, and understand that for many individuals interactions with a court and/or adverse party can be extremely difficult and overwhelming. We explain the options available to you as well as listen to the goals you would like to achieve in your case.

We represent clients in all facets of family law cases. We appreciate the distinction between the art of negotiation and the power of litigation, and, most importantly, we possess the wisdom to advise when each is most appropriate.

Schedule A Consultation With A Divorce And Family Law Attorney

Even if you are only considering divorce as an option, it is wise to seek the counsel of an experienced family law firm. Depending on the needs of our clients, we are prepared to schedule evening or weekend appointments. Call or email our firm to schedule a consultation.