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Do you know how to keep your kids' best interests in mind?

Parenting can often have its ups and downs. Sometimes, you may find yourself completely at a loss when it comes to knowing whether you have made the right decisions for your children, or what could most benefit them. Many Maryland parents and those across the country experience these feelings, so you do not have to feel alone in that respect. However, now that your marriage is ending, you may wonder how that lack of confidence could impact custody outcomes.

When it comes to child custody decisions, you may know that the best interests of your children remain the top priority. Of course, you may find yourself wondering what circumstances could suit those interests or what those best interests might even be. Before you begin to panic and feel overwhelmed, you may wish to learn about what the court takes into consideration and how you can use that information to prepare.

High conflict marrage? Divorce isn't a failure, it's a solution

Divorce tends to be a stressful time, no matter who is involved. Parents who are considering divorce, though, usually face an additional set of challenges. There's the specific concerns about child custody and child support, visitation and parenting time, but beneath it all, a common worry all divorcing Maryland parents tend to share is how their divorce may affect their children, both in the short term and the long run.

You may already know to expect some behavioral changes and difficulties immediately following your divorce. You may also be aware of the benefits of therapy and are already planning on family and individual counseling. Still, you may share the same fear of many others that stems from a commonly held belief that children of divorce are more likely to eventually go through a divorce themselves. Fear not; recent studies suggest your divorce may be emotionally beneficial for both you and your children.

Joint parenting through a joint custody agreement

In a divorce, the two most commonly contested issues are those pertaining to money and child custody. It is difficult to come to a positive and workable solution to these matters, even when two parents commit to reaching an out-of-court settlement. One of the ways that Maryland parents work to minimize the negative impact that a divorce can have on the children is by establishing a joint custody agreement.

Joint custody may offer many benefits for your children, including the ability to maintain strong relationships with both parents, even after a divorce. If you believe that this type of custody plan is the smartest option for your family, you will find it beneficial to work with an experienced family law attorney regarding a strong, workable plan.

The challenges of parenting from a distance after divorce

When Maryland parents are together with their children in one household, communication -- even when strained -- is fairly easy. When you and your spouse see your kids every day, you will both know when there are ailments, when they had haircuts, how they are doing at school and with what type of friends they associate. If, for some reason the marriage ends, proximity can help both parents to remain close to the children.

Add pick up and drop off terms to your custody agreement

As a busy single-parent, you likely face many difficulties every day surrounding the care for your family and household. Having a job and trying to ensure that the children receive the proper care and attention can cause significant stress. One area that you likely want as stress free as possible is the picking up and dropping off of your kids with their other parent for visitation and custody exchange.

Why It May Be Necessary To Modify A Custody Order

One of the harsh realities of getting a divorce - especially when you have children - is that there is no finish line. Aspects of your life, your ex's life or your children's lives will change, making it necessary to reexamine the details of your divorce and/or custody order.

That is why it is possible in Maryland to modify the terms of your divorce or custody arrangement. It can be a complicated process, especially if the other party does not agree, but a family law attorney can usually provide the necessary guidance.

Maryland family law: What role does the court play?

Getting a divorce is not what it once was. The process has evolved over the last few years, and those who are going through a divorce in Maryland have a number of options. Having a basic understanding of these options before or just after filing for a divorce can help you to take control of the process.

Three of the most common options include:

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