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The challenges of parenting from a distance after divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2017 | Divorce

When Maryland parents are together with their children in one household, communication — even when strained — is fairly easy. When you and your spouse see your kids every day, you will both know when there are ailments, when they had haircuts, how they are doing at school and with what type of friends they associate. If, for some reason the marriage ends, proximity can help both parents to remain close to the children.

You might be more involved in the day-to-day raising of the kids, and your ex can still be part of their lives and be present at school and sports activities and more. Communication is the key to maintaining healthy parent-child relationships even after a divorce.

Long distance parenting

Distance can be a highly challenging aspect of parenting after divorce. While it is not unusual for average families to relocate frequently, it could complicate matters when one parent moves far away. Here are some reasons you might have for relocating to another city or state:

  • A business opportunity in another city
  • An in-company transfer or promotion
  • A better paying job
  • A new relationship or marriage with a person living elsewhere
  • An employment opportunity or transfer of a new partner
  • The need to get distance between you and your ex
  • Wanting to be closer to the support of family in another city

Relocation might be the only option, but you must consider how it will affect your relationship with the children. Your children will likely continue to rely on you to make important decisions for them, even if you are in a different city. However, such a long-distance relationship can become more formal because of the structures of an arranged visitation schedule.

How will distance affect you relationship with you children?

When visitation — physical or virtual — is scheduled in advance, it leaves very little opportunity for natural close moments and spontaneity, and you might have to work hard to prevent strained relationships with your children. Those heart-to-heart talks you and your daughter used to have on drives home from sports activities may no longer be possible, and you will not tackle any DIY projects together anymore.

There are ways in which you can continue to play an important part in your child’s life — even from a different city. A seasoned divorce attorney can ease the process by taking care of the legal aspects of your divorce, and his or her experience might provide valuable input on other family law issues. Acquiring such assistance can provide you with much-needed peace of mind during these trying times, allowing you to focus much more of your energy on sustaining your relationship with your child.