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You don't have to stay neutral regarding neutral drop off locale

Just because you decided to divorce does not mean you are abdicating your rights as a parent. Like most good parents in Maryland, your children's best interests are no doubt your highest priority as you prepare to negotiate a divorce settlement and parenting plan. There is no reason you have to sit back and let chips fall where they may regarding your custody and visitation schedule. You have a voice and may use it to protect your rights and what you believe is best for your kids.

Do you know how to keep your kids' best interests in mind?

Parenting can often have its ups and downs. Sometimes, you may find yourself completely at a loss when it comes to knowing whether you have made the right decisions for your children, or what could most benefit them. Many Maryland parents and those across the country experience these feelings, so you do not have to feel alone in that respect. However, now that your marriage is ending, you may wonder how that lack of confidence could impact custody outcomes.

High conflict marrage? Divorce isn't a failure, it's a solution

Divorce tends to be a stressful time, no matter who is involved. Parents who are considering divorce, though, usually face an additional set of challenges. There's the specific concerns about child custody and child support, visitation and parenting time, but beneath it all, a common worry all divorcing Maryland parents tend to share is how their divorce may affect their children, both in the short term and the long run.

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