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How To Seek Changes To Divorce Decrees

The most important factor in determining child custody is what is in the child’s best interest.

At Solomon & Brown, P.A., we represent clients in Pikesville and throughout Maryland in a wide range of family law matters. From child custody to modifications and enforcement, our firm is dedicated to guiding people through this emotionally difficult time in their lives. Clients rely on us for honest answers from start to finish. With a thorough understanding of Maryland divorce law, we can answer questions such as:

  • How is child custody determined?
  • What is the difference between legal and physical custody?
  • How can we reach a compromise on the parenting plan?
  • Can I prevent my ex from moving out of state with our child?

Maryland does not have set statutory guidelines for custody considerations. Courts decide custody disputes based on what is in the child’s best interest. Through our knowledge, understanding and experience in child custody matters, we are equipped and able to advise and advocate for the best custody arrangement for your child.

Modifying A Child Custody Order

In the years following a divorce, it might become necessary to alter or modify the original child custody agreement. Topics from pickup/dropoff times to provisions such as the right of first refusal can be added to or amended in the custody arrangement. Additionally, parents might need to relocate for a new job opportunity or to move closer to an established network of family and friends. This relocation can have a significant impact on a parent, making it necessary to come to a legal agreement regarding custody, visitation and parenting time.

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