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The challenges of parenting from a distance after divorce

When Maryland parents are together with their children in one household, communication -- even when strained -- is fairly easy. When you and your spouse see your kids every day, you will both know when there are ailments, when they had haircuts, how they are doing at school and with what type of friends they associate. If, for some reason the marriage ends, proximity can help both parents to remain close to the children.

Why It May Be Necessary To Modify A Custody Order

One of the harsh realities of getting a divorce - especially when you have children - is that there is no finish line. Aspects of your life, your ex's life or your children's lives will change, making it necessary to reexamine the details of your divorce and/or custody order.

Maryland family law: What role does the court play?

Getting a divorce is not what it once was. The process has evolved over the last few years, and those who are going through a divorce in Maryland have a number of options. Having a basic understanding of these options before or just after filing for a divorce can help you to take control of the process.

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